Online Safety

Keeping your children safe online can be a daunting task for parents so to help you we have created a bank of links. 

If you have any concerns about any aspects of online safety please come into school and have a chat. Mrs Green is our online safety co-ordinator. 


General Advice


General advice available from National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)


How to turn on Google Safesearch 

How to turn on YouTube safety mode 


How to turn on ISP Parental Controls 



Talk Talk:


How to turn on parental controls on games consoles 

X Box:



How to turn on parental controls on browsers


How to turn on online TV and film parental controls 



How to turn on PC operating system parental controls


How to turn on parental controls on Apple devices 


How to turn on Sky TV parental controls




If you are concerned about something you see online, you can use the CEOP Safety Centre ( to report abuse and exploitation. 




Parent Info is a service that shares articles, tips and expert advice and resources designed to help parents keep up with what their children are doing  on-line.  Parent Info is a collaboration between CEOP and Parent Zone.   Please look through the feed below for current articles.