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Medical advice

Medical Advice 

As well as the advice on this page, you might like to read our policy on Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 

Medicines in School

In order to ensure that all our children are safe, we do not store or administer medication unless the doctor prescribes it.  Medicine that needs to be taken three times per day can be administered at home; however we will be happy to administer prescribed medication that needs to be taken four times per day. 

In the case of children who suffer from epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, allergies etc we will willingly store the medication in a secure place.

School cannot give out any drugs unless permission has been granted.  A medical request form is available from the school office or can be downloaded below.  Medication must be handed over by the parent/carer.

Inhalers are kept in the classroom where the children can obtain them easily. They may use them whenever necessary and the child must be capable of self-administration. Inhalers are also taken with the children on outside school trips etc. Advice from parents and medical officers is followed closely to ensure school meets the needs of the child.

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Unfortunately headlice and young children go together very well because headlice are spread by head to head contact - and children love to touch heads (at home and at school). If you find that your child has headlice please let us know so we can remind parents to check their family's heads. 

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